About Us


Remata Communications and Printers has been around for more than 35 years providing Customers with their high end Digital and Litho Printing needs as well as Point of Sale, Packaging and Cross Media projects.

Understanding print right down to its core and ensuring ISO standards are maintained for all print work makes Remata an invaluable partner. Added to this, Remata also provides vital innovative services that fuse digital marketing strategies with print solutions to provide an all-round printing and communication solution. With their ability to conceptualize and execute personalization strategies, they make print collateral highly valuable, yielding a high ROI for clients growing their businesses exponentially.

Innovation is not new to Remata so they did what no one else was doing and took print and other services like packaging etc online but with the twist of allowing customers to design online or take existing already designed templates and tweak them to for a personal preference and style. The 3D preview for their packaging and other items has proved to be a game changer in the Industry.

In a time where people are forced to start additional businesses and many not having the money to invest in a creative design studio, this means they have taken design and print to the masses making it simple, easy and practical to order what they need to grow their products and services. And, if the customer happens to know print and have designed a certain piece of collateral, they can simply use the online site to upload their artwork after selecting the specifications that suit them best. It makes sense when people are working different times day or night or even weekends.

As technology is ever evolving Remata is fully committed to ensuring this online platform grows with more products and services taking on board the suggestions from clients to improve and provide further solutions wherever they can.