General Settings


Here you can show/hide grids and rulers, apply a border, set a full background as a solid color or image, and check again the available options for the product you have selected.


Grid Settings

Enabling this option will activate a grid in the Design Studio to assist with alignment etc.


Ruler Settings

Enabling this option will activate a page rulers which allows for measurement and assists with sizing of text and elements.


Page Borders

These settings will adjust the page border size, colour and page margins.



These are the selected product's options as selected in the previous step. Ensure that these are correct as this is the last instance to amend any specifications before placing your order.



Text Settings

General Text Settings

Clicking on this button it will allow you to add your own text with choice of available fonts. Additionally, you can set your font size, bold, italics, font color, alignment with regards to design area etc. When you click on this button it will show all the texts in that panel so that you can quickly edit and update it right there.


One Line / Paragraph Text

One Line Text: Add a single line of text - perfect for names, headings, titles etc.

Paragraph Text: Adds a text field, which is ideal for large areas of text such as paragraphs and lists.



Edit Panel

When selecting a text block, the Edit Panel will open. Here you can change various attributes of the text as outlined below:



Select from various font styles and types. The drop-down will display what the selected font would display as.


Color & Alignment

Change your font colour via preset colours or mix your own palette and specify whether your font is aligned to the left, right or center.



Give your text a border and specify it's colour and thickness.


Rotate & Shapes

Rotate your text and apply various shape effects to it. The drop-down will preview the effect to be applied.

Art Settings

Art Options

This Tab will give you choice of available clip art in various categories. Double click on any clip art to add it into design area.


Categories / Themes

Search for clip art categories using the search bar or simply select from the drop-down menu. We strive to continually add new content to the site, so be sure to check back regularly for more selections.

Clip art are vector graphics so you can easily edit their colour, size and outline. But what exactly is a vector graphic?


What is a Vector Graphic?

Vector files are images that are built by mathematical formulas that establish points on a grid. Since vectors are based around formulas, a vector image can scale at high resolution to virtually unlimited sizes. If you have a business logo saved in a vector format, it can be resized to fit on a billboard with no problems or reduced to be printed on a ballpoint pen or business card - this makes them more versatile than photos.



Edit Panel

From here you can adjust various settings on your selected clip art object.

Colour: Once you have selected a clip art object, you can adjust the customizable colours here.

Positioning and Size: The 'x' and 'y' refer to the object's position on the artboard. The x-value determines its position from left to right, and the y-value from top to bottom. This is a complex but accurate system, using the 'Move' option will be simpler and faster. The w-value refers to the object's width and the h-value to it's height.

Border: Here you can set the border of objects - the thickness of the borderline, it's type and it's colour.

Rotate: To rotate the selected clip art object, simply use the slider, or put in a specific amount of degrees.

Move: A simple way to move an object in small increments - alternate you can use the 'x' and 'y' values or simply drag the object on the artboard..



Shapes and Lines

This option allows you to draw shapes using the free hand pencil tool, line tool, rectangle, and ellipse. Once you have drawn a shape in design area, you can decorate the shape with effects like outline, fill color, size, alignment etc.



To rotate the selected clip art object, simply use the top-most node of the selection. You will notice a rotation icon pop-up to indicate in which direction the object will be rotated.



To change the size and the position of a selected object simply use the tiny black squares on the sides or corners to resize in proportion to the desired size.



Photo Uploads & Options

QR Codes

QR Code Settings

Within our Designer Tool you can easily create your own QR Codes that can link to many various data types.

From the drop-down you can simply select where you want your QR Code to link to and then enter the desired website, email address or other relevant information. Before generating the QR Code, ensure that you have selected the colour of the code as it cannot be changed afterwards. If the colour is problematic with your design, you can simply recreate the QR Code from scratch as there is no limit to the amount of generated codes.

When changing the colour of the QR Code, the standard colour picker as shown below will pop up.



This panel makes it easy to select any object and perform certain operations:

  • Position it relatively with other objects at ease. Use up and down arrows to move the object up or down in layer order relative to other objects.
  • Show or hide the object in design area.
  • Lock or unlock the object. Locking an object makes it un-editable as well as immovable. You can unlock it again for further editing.
  • Everything related to the layer you have selected is highlighted on the side panel

Pages & Backgrounds

When working on a project consisting of multiple pages, you can easily navigate the different pages by pressing the arrows on the edges of the design space. Alternatively you can also use the 'Pages' pane at the bottom of the design interface. From this pane you can also select the background and tweak it's elements and colours. (see below)

The Top Bar

Preview & Other Settings

Preview option shows the preview of your customized design. We highly recommend that you preview your design before adding that to your cart. You can even download your customized design as a PDF for your reference with the download preview option inside the preview window.