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Hanging Mobiles Create

Creating your Hanging Mobile from Scratch

• Not sure what colours to pair or which fonts to use on your Hanging Mobile design? Look at our pre-designed templates for some creative inspiration!
• Express yourself by designing your Hanging Mobile from scratch
• The Template is already print ready so sit back, enjoy and design your Hanging Mobile at your own time anytime of day or night
• Check out our Help Videos if you need any assistance when designing your Hanging Mobiles
• Our blank Template will allow you to design your Hanging Mobile any way you want using our Online Designer Tools

Please follow links below for more information critical to print:

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3mm Correx


Printed on a flatbed UV printer

Sizes available:

A1 (841 x 594) Portrait or Landscape

A2 (420 x 594) Portrait or Landscape

A3 (420 x 297) Portrait or Landscape


3mm Correx


Die cut square with 2 holes 1 metre gut supplied, delivered flat

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