Pizza Shipper Boxes - 305 (L) x 309 (W) x 37mm (H)

Pizza Shipper Boxes 305x309x37

A shipper is basically a corrugated box made from fluted boards sandwiched in between 2 thinner sheets of liner. A pizza style box is no different. More of a square thin box well suited to packaging thin flat items. The thickness of the flute ensures a sturdy box that can also handle heated items inside like our prized pizza.

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305 x 309 x 37mm


Printing in full colour on the outside top flap using a Flatbed Inkjet or UV printer directly onto the B-Flute sheet. Kraft inside, White outside.



Always given as: L x W x H

The length of a box is always measured first when the box front panel is facing you. It is the measurement left to right and indicated as (L). The next measurement taken is the width (W). With the front of the box still facing you this measurement is taken from the front of the box to the back of the box, in other words away from. The last measurement, the height (H). This is the measurement from the bottom to the top of the box. Measurements given are usually the inside dimensions.



 Sizes available:

250 (l) x 250 (W) x 40 (H)

305 (L) x 309 (W) x 37(H)



B-Flute is twice as thick as E-Flute making it ideal for heated items like pizza’s or any type of flat item. It is also a good sheet to print directly on.



Diecut to shape and supplied flat.

 Important: If there is any doubt as to what fluted board to use for your product it is vital that you call us to discuss and advise you


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