Create from scratch - Strut cards

Strut Card Create

Uploading your print ready Strut Card File

• All Strut Card artwork to be converted to CMYK prior to uploading
• It’s important to check that your uploaded Strut Card size is the same as the size as specified on our online store
• Design your Strut Card your way!
• Upload your Strut Card artwork from the comfort of your couch at any time of day or night
• Before uploading, make sure your artwork for your Strut Card is print-ready
• We recommend that all Strut Card artwork uploaded be a minimum of 300dpi or in high resolution

Please follow links below for more information critical to print:

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2mm displayline


Printed on a flatbed UV printer

Sizes available:

A2 (420 x 594) Portrait or Landscape

A3 (420 x 297) Portrait or Landscape

A4 (297 x 210) - Portrait or Landscape


2mm white Displayline or Similar


Printed onto Displayline or Similar, trimmed, with unprinted double wing strut attached to back

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