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Creating your Tag from Scratch

• Enjoy the power of an Online Designer Tool when designing your own Tags – no need for expensive designer software!
• Stuck on how to improve your Tag design? Browse our pre-designed templates for some design ideas
• While you take care of the design of your Tag, we will make sure it’s print-ready!
• Don’t want to be constrained by the creativity of a template? Design your Tag your way!
• If you need help with your Tag design simply click above on our videos or read through our online help manual in the bar above

Please follow links below for more information critical to print:

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350gsm Matt


Small quantities are printed digitally on high end quality HP Indigo presses

Larger quantities are printed on state of the art Litho presses ensuring quality

Sizes available:

50mm x 90mm, 150mm x 50mm Folded to 75mm x 50mm


350gsm Matt


Folding on the 150mm x 50mm option. Both options trimmed, supplied flat, packed and boxed.

Finishing Options:

Drill 6mm Hole at top centre, or on top left or top right side

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